Don’t look down

Uncompromising safety

You work with your hands, and have nothing to gain from looking at your feet. Just get your work done. No fuzz. It’s hard sometimes and dangerous too, but don’t worry, everything is going to work out just fine. We make sure you stay on your feet, and that your feet stay safe from impacts, nails and debris. Do your thing. Don’t look down.

Toe Guard Wild Mid yellow and black  safety shoe

Lightweight, heat resistant & anti-slip

Safety shoes from Toe Guard

The Toe Guard offers great work boots and shoes for professional users, in timeless designs while never compromising with safety. We provide a wide range of utility footwear with safety shoes and boots to match all climates and weather conditions. Our insulated boot will keep your feet warm and safe during the winter while our lightweight safety shoe Runner, will keep your feet ventilated during warmer weather.